At the age of 76, he died on Wednesday, April 10, 2024, of cancer American football legend O.J. Simpsonwho was acquitted of murdering his ex-wife and her partner in a landmark trial in 1995.

OG, as he was widely known, despite being acquitted by the criminal justice system, was convicted by a civil court in 1997, following a lawsuit by the victims’ families, and ordered to pay 33 million dollars in restitution.

Despite being acquitted of the crimes in a trial that was dubbed “the trial of the century” in his country and around the world, he was never able to shake off the suspicion that he committed the double murder. Simpson paid only a small part of the compensation and moved to Florida, where he tried to live out of the public eye.

His tumultuous life – from American football star, movie star and murder suspect – captivated the country for decades.

His sports career and tragedies…

His sports career began on the field of the University of Southern California, before continuing in the professional category, where he emerged as the best player of his generation. He appeared in dozens of motion pictures and commercials, and was a popular sports commentator for national television networks.

OJ Simpson

Despite his seemingly magical life, Simpson was almost always close to tragedy, such as his daughter’s drowning in a swimming pool as an infant, as well as his divorce from his teenage love. His tumultuous marriage to a suave waitress in Los Angeles was marred by his wife’s repeated calls to the police to report physical abuse, as well as his bouts of jealousy.

The couple divorced in 1992, but the confrontations continued. In June 1994, 35-year-old Nicole Simpson and her partner, Ron Goldman, were found dead, Nicole nearly decapitated by the brutal stabbing. The rest is known about what followed…

From athlete to actor in Hollywood

OJ Simpson

His fame as an athlete was such that it allowed him to make the jump to Hollywood and star in several films, such as The Klansman (1974)in which he starred alongside Lee Marvin, and the comedy “Naked Gun”starring Leslie Nielsen.

But the role of his life came during several months in 1995, inside courtrooms, in the well-known “trial of the century”. Simpson was facing murder charges stemming from the investigation. The prosecution had centered its case on the DNA findings at the crime scene.

The athlete was acquitted by a jury of nine black jurors, two white and one Latino. The entire trial took place against a backdrop of racial tension sparked by the 1992 Los Angeles riots, when a majority white jury acquitted four police officers of the beating of Rodney King, despite it being caught on videotape.

OJ Simpson

Simpson’s acquittal did not give him peace, but rather became a burden he carried throughout his life. His name became a joke on late-night comedy shows and synonymous with anyone who gets away with murder in the United States. The jury’s decision did not end the case. Simpson moved to Florida with his family to try to start his life over. He stayed out of the limelight until 2007, when he found himself again embroiled in legal trouble after being arrested in Las Vegas for armed robbery. For this case he was found guilty and sentenced to 33 years in prison with the right to parole after nine years. He was released on parole in 2017.

In December 2021, O.J. Simpson regained a life without legal hassles. After becoming a free man, Simpson continued to live in Las Vegas. He took up golf and opened a Twitter account where he wrote his opinion on various issues, mainly about American football, the sport that made him famous. However, the double murder “scarred” him in the collective memory and popular culture of the USA.