Two citizens of German and Russian citizenship are allegedly, according to ARD information, planning large-scale sabotage in favor of Russia, with the aim of sabotaging the German government’s military and financial support to Ukraine.

Specifically, the two German-Russians from Bayreuth they allegedly violated what the German Penal Code stipulates regarding the prohibition of photography of military security areas. At the same time, according to the Federal Prosecutor’s Office, the two men are accused of participating in terrorism and espionage by acting at the behest of secret services.

Investigations by the US authorities as well

The seriousness of the case is demonstrated by the fact that the investigations had been undertaken for a long time – in addition to the Federal Prosecutor’s Office – by the Federal Service for the Protection of the Constitution, the Bavarian police, while the US authorities also contributed information.

The key person in the case is the 39-year-old Dieter S., who is listed by federal prosecutors as a member of a foreign terrorist organization. Dieter S. reportedly fought in a brigade of the self-proclaimed “Donetsk People’s Republic” from 2014 to 2016 and then moved to Germany.

Together with his accomplice named Alexander G. were spying, according to the information that has come to light, until March 2024 on critical infrastructure in Germany, from military installations to railway lines.

However, according to the Prosecutor’s Office, it is not excluded that more Russian agents are operating on German soil in a similar way. Those arrested are expected to face severe penalties of up to ten years in prison.

In a first reaction, the German Minister of the Interior Nancy Feather reported on Thursday that German authorities had prevented possible “explosive attacks aimed at undermining Germany’s military support for Ukraine”. In fact, he spoke of a “particularly serious case” of espionage on German soil for the benefit of “Putin’s criminal regime”.

Source: DW