Fabio Porchat is criticized on social media after joking about the case of an elderly man who died in a bank


The case of the elderly man killed in a bank branch took over the news. Fabio Porchat participated in the Meeting with Patricia Poeta this Thursday (18) and made a joke about the news. The gesture was poorly received by some internet users.

He went to the program to comment on the premiere of the new season of Que História É Essa, Porchat. At the beginning of the show, he sat behind a woman in the audience and held her right arm.

“She loved the show’s premiere yesterday, I was watching it a lot and she laughed a lot. It was really cool,” he said as he shook the viewer’s hand and lifted her head, which was hanging forward.

The gestures refer to the video recorded by employees of a bank branch who were suspicious of the attitude of a woman who said she was accompanying her uncle to withdraw a loan. The police are investigating whether on Tuesday (16) Paulo Roberto Braga, 68, was already dead when Erika Nunes, 43, tried to withdraw the money. The defense denies it. She is arrested and awaiting a custody hearing.

“Not everything is for fun, what Fábio Porchat did was ridiculous and inhumane, I don’t admire him anymore, there are things that shouldn’t be considered humorous”, wrote a profile that identifies itself as Maciele Santos.

“What is the limit of humor? How sad this is”, said Diego. “I don’t think this joke is a good idea on a television program”, said Danusia Oliveira.

Source: Folha

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