Explosions were heard at dawn in southern Syria, announced the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, while the founder of a local news website spoke of strikes on a Syrian army radar site.

The explosions came as Israel launched an airstrike against Iran in retaliation for Iran’s attack with hundreds of drones and missiles over the weekend.

“Explosions were heard in the area where a Syrian army radar site is located, between Sweida and Deraa provinces,” as “the Israeli (war) air force carried out intensive overflights in the area,” according to the non-governmental organization.

However, the Observatory, which is based in Britain and has a wide network of sources in Syria, was unable to confirm that it was an aerial bombardment.

According to Ryan Marouf, founder of a local news site, “bombings were carried out against radar position tof the Syrian army in the western part of Sweida province”. He was however unable to specify by whom.

Israel frequently targets positions of the Syrian army and armed groups close to Iran fighting alongside the regime of Bashar al-Assad.

Strong explosions were heard early today in central Iran. According to the FARS news agency, there were three explosions near a military base in Isfahan.