The 30th Scientific Conference of Medical Students of Greece & 18th International Forum of Medical Students and Young Doctors will be held this year in Crete, on May 24-26, 2024, at the Political Conference Center of Heraklion.

The Scientific Conference of Medical Students of Greece (E.S.F.I.E.) is the most important organization of the E.F.I.E. with the participation of more than 1800 students from all the Medical Schools of Greece and from non-medical but similar departments, as well as Professors from all over the territory.

Specifically, it includes: the International Forum of Medical Students & Young Doctors of Greece with speeches by renowned scientists from Greece and abroad, the Olympiad of Medical knowledge, a Medical knowledge competition for students of pre-clinical and clinical years, practical medical skills seminars (workshops), based on 4 different cores: Clinical Skills, Theoretical Clinical and Laboratory Tutorials, International Certifications and Soft Skills with an emphasis on Social Extension and Outreach, a multitude of tasks on a wide range of topics, in the form of Round Tables, Free and Posted Announcements, in which the speakers are students and young Doctors.

Greeting from the Chairman of the Organizing Committee:

Students are offered the opportunity to develop a scientific and research project that is in line with their interests, to familiarize themselves with the preparation and presentation of scientific papers, to come into contact with renowned Professors and Doctors, but also to meet their fellow students from all over Greece, the abroad, as well as other Schools of Health Sciences, with the aim of broad collaboration, interaction and interdisciplinarity. The Scientific Conference of Medical Students of Greece is a multifaceted event, a celebration of scientific knowledge and the student world. Especially this year, after 13 years, the Crete Branch is taking over from an extremely successful ESFIE organized by the Alexandroupolis Branch, and our excitement is even greater, since we celebrate with it the 40th anniversary of the founding of the Medical School of the University of Crete . Our main goal is to successfully complete the work we have undertaken and to give our best for the best possible result, since the previous ESFIEs have set the bar high.

Our team will work to meet the multiple requirements of the 30th ESFIE & 18th International Forum thus contributing to the investigation of the topic, seeking cooperation with distinguished scientists from abroad but also with groups of students from the Medical Schools and other Schools of Health Sciences of Greece and abroad. It is worth pointing out that we will strengthen the workshops – which are an essential part of the conference – but also the Medical Knowledge Olympiad, while we could not omit the Live Surgeries from the scientific program. So, we will all give our best so that the 30th ESFIE & 18th International Forum will be a unique three-day exchange of thoughts, reflections and broadening of intellectual horizons. We look forward to seeing you at the greatest celebration of medical knowledge, in Heraklion on May 24-26, 2024!

Yours sincerely,

On behalf of the Organizing Committee of the 30th ESFIE, Vasiliki Giorgalla,

Seven-year-old student of the Medical School of Crete, President of the Organizing Committee of the 30th ESFIE