The removal of the general counsel, Erich Anderson, seems to have been decided by TikTok after the approval of the bill by the House of Representatives that provides for the ban or sale of the social networking application, according to the Bloomberg agency.

Erich Andersen, the general counsel of TikTok and the app’s Chinese parent company, ByteDance Ltd. , based in the US, led the talks with the US government during which he was asked to demonstrate the company’s efforts to cut ties with China.

The new bill, which would give ByteDance a year to sell the app, won the support of US Senate Commerce Committee Chairwoman Maria Cantwell, significantly increasing its chances of passing the Senate.

TikTok has been targeted by US authorities for months, with many officials saying the platform allows Beijing to spy on and manipulate its 170 million US users, which the company strongly denies.

The company has repeatedly assured that it has not received such requests from Beijing and stresses that even if it did, it would refuse to disclose personal data of its users.