New help package, amounting to 404 million dollars, for the Palestinians announced on Wednesday the Anthony Blinken, stating that as of 2021 a total of $1.8 billion has been allocated. Humanitarian aid resources concern the Gaza Strip and the West Bank.

“The single most effective step we can take to address the humanitarian challenges in Gaza is to achieve immediate, permanent ceasefire”said the US Secretary of State at the international conference on Gaza in Jordan.

“Israel must take further measures to reduce civilian casualties,” the US Secretary of State clarified.

“I think everyone we know there is no time to waste (on Gaza),” Blinken noted.

“All Palestinian citizens suffering in Gaza, we know it’s not numbers, it’s not something abstract, they are people” pointed out the head of American diplomacy.

“Let’s do more than ask for a better future for Palestinians and Israelis,” he noted.

In Jordan, the American Secretary of State met with the Palestinian Prime Minister, with whom he discussed the need for complete and consistent application of reforms to achieve the aspirations of the Palestinians announced the State Department.