London by Thanasis Gavou

Rishi Sunak’s popularity has fallen to its lowest level since he took office in October 2022, three weeks before Britain’s July 4 election.

A YouGov poll shows that 72% of Britons have a good opinion of the outgoing Prime Minister and Conservative leader. A positive opinion is expressed by 21%, which means that its net score is -51.

Dissatisfaction is also expressed about the Conservative Party in general, with 70% having a negative view and 21% positive.

Labor leader Sir Keir Starmer, just halfway through the election campaign, has a favorable view of 39% of the public, the highest corresponding figure for the UK’s most likely next prime minister.

However, his net popularity score is also negative, since 51% do not have a positive opinion.

The Labor Party gathers positive opinions at a rate of 44% and negative at a rate of 47%.

The Lib Dems, the Green Party and Nigel Farage’s Reform UK recorded a slight improvement in their popularity ratings.