Ukraine rejected the terms for the ceasefire announced by the Russian president earlier on Friday Vladimir Putin as “absurd”, saying it is trying to mislead world powers and undermine real peace efforts.

Putin stated in a speech that Russia will immediately end the war in Ukraine only if Kiev agree to abandon its NATO ambitions and surrender all four provinces claimed by Moscow.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine described his words as “statements of manipulation which aim to mislead the international community (and) undermine diplomatic efforts to achieve a just peace.”

“It is absurd for Putin, who planned, prepared and executed, together with his fellow travelers, the biggest armed attack in Europe since the Second World War, to present himself as a peacemaker”, adds the ministry in its announcement.

In separate statements, the adviser to the Ukrainian president Mykhailo Podoliak told Reuters via Zoom that no compromise possible between Putin’s statements and Ukraine’s terms for ending the war launched by Russia.

“He suggests that Ukraine admit defeat. He proposes that Ukraine legally hand over its territories to Russia. It proposes Ukraine to sign away its geopolitical sovereignty,” Podoliak said.

Podoliak stated that Putin was trying to grab the news agenda from Ukraine making his speech just before the summit.

The adviser, who often acts as a spokesman for the president’s office, said Moscow is also trying to present itself to the world, and particularly to the countries of the “Global South,” as the side most interested in peace.

“With Putin’s statement, Russia appears as if they were not the ones who launched the attack… but as if they are proposing peace and Ukraine doesn’t want it,” he said.

Podoliak said Ukraine wants peace, but only if Russia is fairly punished for its aggression and Ukraine’s sovereignty is preserved.

Podoliak also told X that the demands of the Russian president “contrary to common sense”.

“We need to get rid of these illusions and stop taking Russia’s ‘proposals’ seriously, which are contrary to common sense.”

“There are no new “peace proposals” from Russia. The subject Putin simply expressed the “standard choice of the aggressor”, which has already been heard many times. Its content is quite specific, highly offensive to international law and absolutely eloquent for the inability of the current Russian leadership to adequately assess the realities,” he wrote in X.

The United States sent an ultimatum to Moscow, interfering with Vladimir Putin’s “peace terms” in Kiev. Russian president ‘not in a position’ to have demands from Ukraine to end the war, explained the US Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin, extolling Kiev’s military successes in the face of Moscow’s full-scale invasion of Ukraine.