US Vice President Kamala Harris today announced more than $1.5 billion in energy, humanitarian and civil defense assistance to Ukraine.

Harris, who is attending a two-day peace summit in the luxury mountain resort of Burgenstock, Switzerland, said the aid includes $500 million in new energy aid funding.

In addition, $324 million in aid already announced by USAID, the US agency for development, will be redirected to address urgent energy needs.

“This funding will allow us to repair war-damaged energy infrastructure, increase energy production, encourage private sector investment and protect energy infrastructure,” Harris said in a statement.

The new aid package, which comes from USAID and the State Department, also includes $379 million for humanitarian aid.

These funds “will help respond to the urgent needs of refugees, internally displaced persons and communities affected by Russia’s brutal assault against the Ukrainian people,” the statement said.

The State Department, with the support of Congress, will provide an additional $300 million for civilian defense in Ukraine.

The money “will help them operate in front-line security to defend American soil, rescue civilian targets of Kremlin attacks, protect critical infrastructure and investigate at least 120,000 cases of war crimes and other atrocities that have recorded,” Kamala Harris reported.