The Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said this evening that the phase of heavy fighting against Hamas was coming to an end, but stressed that the war would not end until the Palestinian organization itself no longer controlled Gaza Strip .

Once heavy fighting in Gaza ends, Netanyahu said, that would allow Israel to deploy more forces along its northern border with Lebanon, where fighting has escalated with the Shiite militant group. Hezbollah .

“After the phase of heavy fighting is over, we will be able to move part of the forces to the north. And we will do that. First and foremost for defense purposes. And secondly, to bring our residents (displaced by the fighting) back to their homes,” Netanyahu said in an interview with Israeli television. Channel 14.

“If we can, we will achieve this diplomatically. If not, we will do it another way. But we will bring (the residents) back to their homes,” he stressed.

Many Israeli towns near the border with Lebanon have been evacuated during the fighting.

Netanyahu reiterated his rejection of the idea of ​​a Palestinian Authority, based in West Bank to rule the Gaza Strip in place of Hamas.