Lendrian: Putin is trapped in his maximalism


The president Putin is trapped in its maximalism, the French Foreign Minister said today on a French television station Jean-Yves Le Drian. The French minister stated pessimist as to what is to be born in Ukraine, because of the Russian, as he said, hypocrisy both in the negotiations for humanitarian aid and in the diplomatic consultations for the ceasefire. Referring to China’s stance on the Ukrainian crisis, he described it as controversial. He noted, however, that China had also called for an immediate ceasefire, and explained that Chinese interests were not being served by the global crisis created by Russia’s war with Ukraine.

Asked about the reluctance of many French companies to leave Russia, the French Foreign Minister, after noting that the departure of each company is voluntary, answered that there are many French companies that have already left Russia. Referring in particular to Total, which did not fully withdraw from Russia, as BP and Shell did, Lendrian noted that Total has already announced that it will not make new investments in Russia, but that it has already been placed in the Russian economy. much more than BP and Shell.

Finally, referring to the internal issues and especially to the upcoming presidential elections in France, the minister, after predicting Macron’s predominance, said that a significant part of the French left, and especially the Social Democrats, support him. He also said that Macron is not a leftist but is a politician who reconciles various political nuances.

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