Russian fleet in battle in the Black Sea – High school in Nikolaev hit


For large-scale attack The Russian fleet is ready in Black Sea according to the Ukrainian authorities.

According to the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine:

  • There is a grouping of Russian ships off the Black Sea and it is found that they are ready for battle.
  • An attack is being prepared on Vuledar, 40 km northwest of Volnovac, in the Donetsk region. Earlier today, government buildings and a school were hit in the area, but now there are fears of a mass attack in the coming hours.

As broadcast by SKAI correspondent in Odessa Elli Kasolifortifications are on the rise in the region as residents prepare for a new offensive aimed at cutting off Ukraine from the last corridor to the Black Sea.

They hit Lyceum in Nikolaev

The Russians continue to strike in Nikolaev, where a high school is reportedly hit, another civilian target.

Earlier today in air raids in the same city, nine people were killed.

Nikolaev is considered a key city for any future attack on the port of Odessa, on the Black Sea coast.

The UK Ministry of Defense said earlier that Russian forces, advancing from Crimea, were trying to bypass Nikolaev as they moved towards Odessa.

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