US: Six teenagers injured in high school shooting in Colorado


Six teenagers, aged 14 to 18, were taken to hospital after being injured in a fire near a high school in Orora, Colorado, but their lives are not in danger, police said.

The perpetrators of the attack, who are probably members of a gang, remained unarrested yesterday Monday afternoon.

According to Vanessa Wilson, the chief of police in Orora, the six victims were all attending a high school near the park where the perpetrators opened fire.

One of the children had to undergo “emergency surgery” but “we were told the injuries he sustained were not fatal,” Ms Wilson told a news conference.

Shells of bullets of various calibers were found on the spot by the police. It is believed that one or more perpetrators opened fire from a car or cars in motion.

Asked by a reporter about this gang-like method of action, Vanessa Wilson limited herself to saying that “the investigation is still in its infancy”. “We will look into all possibilities,” he added, calling on eyewitnesses and neighbors to contact police, who are trying to locate the suspects.

The police chief described the violence with the use of firearms as a “public health crisis” and added that “everyone” should be “outraged” by what happened yesterday in Orora.

The state of Colorado, in the western United States, has experienced some of the worst carnage of its kind in the history of the country.

In 1999, two teenagers killed 12 of their classmates and a teacher at their Columbine school. In 2012, a heavily armed man killed 12 spectators inside a movie theater in Orora during the screening of The Dark Knight Rises, a Batman fantasy film series. In March, a man killed ten people inside a supermarket in Boulder, 50 miles from Denver, the Colorado capital.

The so-called mass shootings, the attacks with the use of firearms that have more than four victims according to the definition of the American authorities, are a constant plague in the USA: they are committed in schools, shops, workplaces …

But roadblocks in the US Congress, where the influence of arms lobbies remain strong, make any major progress on the issue unlikely, despite calls from President Joe Biden, including to tighten terms, conditions and controls on trade. weapons and possession of weapons.

According to statistics compiled by the Washington Post, more than 256,000 students in the country have been exposed to some form of violence using firearms since the Columbine massacre. This number includes victims, eyewitnesses and young people who were forced to leave their schools in a hurry due to fires.


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