Egypt: Imprisonment sentences of 3 to 10 years for forging vaccination certificates |


Strict prison sentences of three to ten years are provided for forging vaccination certificates, the Egyptian Ministry of Health warned yesterday, Monday.

As stated by the representative of the Ministry of Health and Population of Egypt Hossam Abdel Gafar and recorded by the Egyptian press, this document is an official document and, if it is altered or falsified, penalties of up to ten years are provided for anyone who uses it. as well as for the one who provides it to citizens.

As of yesterday, November 15, all unvaccinated civil servants are barred from entering their workplaces, as well as unvaccinated students from public universities, with the exception of those who can take a negative PCR test. it should definitely be repeated every week.

The Egyptian government will further tighten measures against the pandemic, as it will extend the same measure to the general public in public services from 1 December, barring all unvaccinated citizens from entering all government services without exception, with the sole exception of those who will be able to show a negative PCR test.

Based on all these new measures that came into force yesterday, Monday, for employees and students, the authenticity of vaccination certificates will be strictly checked, emphasize the competent sources of the Ministry of Health and Population of Egypt.


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