Slovakia: Reactions to the decision to send S-300 to Ukraine


The Slovak government’s decision to hand over the country’s S-300 air defense system to Ukraine so that Kyiv can deal with the Russian invasion is causing a political conflict in Bratislava.

Although the Slovak government’s move was praised by the United States, which announced it was sending a Patriot missile defense system to replace the S-300, opposition leaders opposed the decision yesterday, saying it exposed Slovakia to danger.

The S-300 anti-missile defense system, developed in the former Soviet Union in the late 1970s, uses multiple radars and missiles to intercept and destroy enemy aircraft or missiles, even ballistic missiles. It can work automatically.

Former Prime Minister and leader of the Social Democratic Party SMER, Robert Fico, has announced that he will call for a special session of parliament to discuss a motion of censure against the current government. Peter Pellegrini of HLAS, another Slovak Social Democratic party, accused Prime Minister Eduard Heger and Defense Minister Jaroslav Nant of lying to Slovaks.

He insisted he had been lying for weeks, assuring that Bratislava would never hand over its air defense systems before it was revealed that they were preparing to do just that in secret.

“Mr. Heger is leading a ‘government of liars, people who do not protect our national interests,'” Pellegrini said.

Mr Fitso bidded, noting that the S-300 system was absolutely crucial to protecting Slovakia ‘s nuclear power plants and other industries.

Mr Nant confirmed on Friday that the S-300 system owned by Slovakia would be delivered to Ukraine, whose armed forces are already familiar with its use. The arrival of a range of Patriot missiles from the United States will be the fourth in a row in the country, which has already received three from Germany and the Netherlands in recent weeks, as part of efforts to strengthen NATO’s east wing following Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

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