Erdogan-Sanchez alliance against the Greek-French defense agreement- Athens’ reaction

Erdogan-Sanchez alliance against the Greek-French defense agreement- Athens’ reaction

In Spain, Tayyip Erdogan turns a blind eye, trying to balance the great Greek-French defense agreement.

During the Spanish Prime Minister’s visit to Ankara and the joint press conference of the two leaders, Tayyip Erdogan announced the strengthening of the defense cooperation between the two countries, looking forward to the purchase of a second Spanish aircraft carrier and possibly a submarine.

“As you know, our first aircraft carrier is not a large displacement. But after that, we will build a bigger aircraft carrier and on this issue we agree with my dear friend. With God’s help we aim to build a bigger aircraft carrier after what we are building now. And we may enter into the issue of shipbuilding and submarines together. We discussed these issues in detail together. We will take these steps, “said Tayyip Erdogan.

“It goes without saying that the Member States are bound by the decisions, declarations and approaches of the council on issues concerning Turkey and its provocation and delinquency in relation to international law. “In this light, we want to note this parameter and the socialist prime minister of Spain to take into account in these discussions the overall position of the council”, said the Deputy Minister to the Prime Minister and government spokesman, Giannis Oikonomou.

“Old relationship is not new, this aircraft carrier-helicopter carrier is already being built, called Anadolu-east, the small one. “Erdogan likes these symbols of power for the narrative that Turkey is a great power,” commented ND MP and professor Dimitris Karidis.

Earlier, Tayyip Erdogan and Pedro Sanchez oversaw the signing of six agreements on co-operation in the energy sector, up to disaster relief.

“We continue to diversify the institutional relationship, which is currently expanding with the signing of six new agreements in areas as important as renewable energy, such as water, labor, sport, science, cooperation in the fight against natural disasters and “With all this, dear President, we are setting our new pillars to continue to build a common future,” said Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez.

At the same time, Tayyip Erdogan insists on maintaining the cloudy climate with Russia for the s400, despite repeated US warnings, avoiding answering whether information that Russia began transferring know-how to missile systems to Turkey is true.

“On the issue of co-production of S-400 spare parts, both sides, Turkey and Russia, have agreed not to comment on the details of the agreement. “We do not mention the details, an issue between the two countries is sensitive,” the Turkish president said.

In this climate, this morning two pairs of Turkish F-16 aircraft flew over Agathonisi and then one of the two pairs of F-16, flew over the islands of Cannibals and Makronisi.


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