Von der Layen in India – Focusing on Ukraine war, trade and climate

Von der Layen in India – Focusing on Ukraine war, trade and climate

European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen arrived in India today for a two-day visit on trade, security and climate change, during which she is also expected to address New Delhi’s war neutrality. in Ukraine.

India is seeking a difficult balance between its relations with the West and those with Russia, which covers much of its arms and energy needs. He refrained from openly condemning the Russian invasion of Ukraine and voted in favor of it at the United Nations.

Von der Layen will meet tomorrow with Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi, who in recent weeks has received visits and appeals from other Western leaders who have been pushing to distance themselves from Moscow, particularly British Prime Minister Boris Johnson. Thursday and Friday.

She began her visit today by addressing a youth forum on climate change, in which she congratulated India on its “ambitious” goal of meeting 50% of its energy needs by 2030 with renewable energy sources.

“For us Europeans, (the conflict in Ukraine) is a stark reminder that our independence from Russian fossil fuels is not sustainable,” she said.

“Our transition to local renewable energy is not only good for the environment, but it is also a strategic investment in security,” she said.

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