Putin accuses the West of plotting to assassinate Russian journalists

Putin accuses the West of plotting to assassinate Russian journalists

The President of Russia Vladimir Putin said today that his country’s main intelligence service overturned what he described as a Western conspiracy to assassinate a prominent Russian journalist.

“This morning, the Federal Security Service (FSB) stopped the activities of a terrorist group, which was planning to attack and kill a famous Russian television journalist,” Putin told prosecutors, according to Reuters.

“It simply came to our notice then. to plan the murder of our journalists“Putin said.

The Russian president has not yet presented any evidence to support his allegations. Reuters has not been able to immediately verify what it claimed.

For its part, the Interfax news agency, in a telegram broadcast by Reuters, states that members of a nationalist group are being held by the Russian authorities. Interfax also reports that the group operating under the command of Ukrainian spies planned to kill the Russian journalist Vladimir Soloviev.

Putin notes that the West is trying to destroy Russia from within, but such efforts will fail. He further added that the US Central Intelligence Agency is directing efforts to undermine Russia and advising the Ukrainian government.

The Russian president said that foreign media and social media are used by the West to create provocations against the Russian armed forces. Such actions, he stressed, should stop.

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