How Russian journalist Marina Ovsyannikova, who raised anti-war banners, was rescued

How Russian journalist Marina Ovsyannikova, who raised anti-war banners, was rescued

In his interest French President Macron for her fortune pays off today the 43-year-old news editor of the Russian state television network Channel One, Marina Ovsyannikova, which invaded the news platform on March 14 waving banners against the war in Ukraine.

«Stop the war. Do not believe the propaganda. They are lying to you“, Wrote Marina’s banner, according to an article in Politico magazine. For a few seconds the journalist’s protest surprised the viewers, before the broadcast was stopped. Marina was arrested and taken to a police station in the Russian capital. From there she was taken to a secret state security detention center, where she remained interrogated for 14 hours.

After a persistent but non-violent interrogation, the investigator told the detainee: “Let’s have a tea and eat a piece of cake. We are all hungry». As any opponent of the Putin regime could assure, when a Russian security guard offers you tea and cookies, do not accept the offer. Ofsyanikova, however, had no experience of interrogation and drank the tea offered to her without suffering the slightest.

«They were not KGB scammers. There were no handcuffs and I was not tortured“, Says Marina. Her investigators were two men in their 30s. “They did not leave me alone at all. If one of them left the room, the other would come to stay with me. It was my first interrogation“, Says the journalist. «They were nothing but interrogators. They were two normal people. Their cell phones rang frequently and their superiors were on the line, informing them of the international reactions to my action.“, Says Marina.

The first critical development for the detainee took place in the early hours of the morning, during his sermon. Ukrainian President Zelenskywho expressed his gratitude “to this brave lady, who entered the studio with the anti-war banner». Ofsyanikova’s adventure came to an end, however, after his statement French President Macron, who expressed his concern about Marina’s fate. Immediately after Macron’s comments, the phone rang in the interrogation room and Marina was simply charged. administrative fine.


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