USA: Prisoner escapes with the help of a prison officer-The incredible story reminiscent of a movie


For a week now, Americans have been watching with bated breath a film-like affair: an escape that seems to have a romantic aspect but also special protagonists, one petite prison officer approaching 60 and a giant 38-year-old prisonerwith a shaved head and a height of 2.06 which has been characterized as extremely dangerous.

THE Vicky White, 56 years old, helped him Casey White38, with whom he has no kinship despite the common surname, escaped from an Alabama jail on April 29.

The two seem to have planned the escape operation in detail, which surprised everyone.

Who would have thought that Vicky White, who had never given rights to her colleagues at the Florence Penitentiary in a small town in Alabama, would do such a thing?

“She has never done anything wrong. “I bet she didn’t even get a single call from the traffic police,” said her mother, who was as surprised as anyone who knew Vicky White, speaking to local television network WAAY31.

The “model employee”, according to the sheriff, “The most reliable man in prison”as described by the Lauderdale County Attorney, was responsible for the transfer of detainees and is now one of the most wanted people in the United States.

Very far

Vicky White appeared Friday morning in Florence Jail to accompany Casey White on a psychiatric evaluation in court. She had parked a car in a nearby mall had bought in order to escape.

The images from the prison’s closed-circuit surveillance show nothing remarkable as the prison officer picks up the giant, tattooed prisoner.

In fact, she does not turn to look at him except when she puts him in the police vehicle, with her arms and legs tied. Then close the door and the vehicle gets away shortly after 09:30 in the morning.

Authorities realized that the two ehave disappeared many hours lateraround 15:30.

Researchers looking for them seem to be far away. The couple was last seen on Friday, the day of the escape, approx 40 kilometers away from prison in a rust-colored Ford SUV.

The manhunt to locate them has aroused the intense interest of internet users in the area, who even went so far as to find where Vicky White bought the car in which they escaped.

The seller of the vehicle received a lot of criticism, so much so that the authorities were forced to emphasize yesterday Wednesday that he offered valuable assistance in their investigation and to point out that “no one in the dealership had suspected that he helped the White”.

Moreover, in the last six days, aggravating facts for the penitentiary employee have started to come to light. As it turned out, Vicky White sold her house in a hurry and at a low price, $ 95,000, a month ago, while after 17 years of service in the sheriff’s office, she announced that she would retire. In fact, Friday was her last day at work.

“Privileged treatment”

The story of the two Whites began in 2020.

Casey White, who was serving a 75-year prison sentence for various offenses – including attempted murder and burglary – in federal prison, suddenly confessed to killing a woman five years earlier.

Eventually, he pleaded not guilty, while the case has not yet been finalized, but the confession caused him to be transferred to Lauderdale County Jail where he first met Vicky White.

After an escape attempt o Casey White was sent back to the first prison, though The couple kept in touch.

“He told me he was writing to someone but I had no idea who he was,” Connie White’s mother told the New York Post.

He returned to Florence jail in February this year to attend a hearing in a nearby court. Over the course of many months, the detainee developed a “special relationship” with Vicky White, as Sheriff Rick Singleton later stated.

“We have no evidence that they had any physical contact,” he said, but other detainees denounced Casey’s “privileges” and that Vicky White “did things for him that he did not do for others.”

“A privileged treatment,” the sheriff commented, to an “extremely dangerous” man.

“He is very dangerous to everyone around him,” confirmed an ex-girlfriend of Casey White. She advised Vicky White: “If you’re still alive, run. “Go, go, go as fast as you can.”

Authorities have now issued an arrest warrant against Vicky White for “allowing or facilitating an escape,” the sheriff said Monday.

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