Russian oil embargo: Extension in Hungary, Slovakia, Czech Republic – What the Commission “gives” to Greece


Consultations with the European Commission continue to impose an embargo on Russian oil as five “27” countries ask for brave extensions.

As he broadcast SKAI’s correspondent in Brussels, Giannis Paleologos, in SKAI’s main news bulletin the latest EU compromise proposal is to offer 2 years instead of one in Hungary and Slovakia and 1.5 years in the Czech Republic to become independent of Russian oil.

They also ask for an adjustment period Bulgaria and Croatia.

Earlier, in a statement, Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban said his country needed five years to become independent of Russian oil.

However, there is still optimism for an agreement over the weekend. THE High Representative of the European Union Josep Borrellsaid that if there is no agreement, he will convene an Extraordinary Council of Foreign Ministers to reach a political agreement at a higher level.

At the same time, on the issue of shipping, was given three months in Greece, Cyprus and Malta to execute contracts for the transportation of Russian oil.

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