“Tradition is not an option,” say Azovstal Ukrainian fighters – Dozens of civilians remain underground

“Tradition is not an option,” say Azovstal Ukrainian fighters – Dozens of civilians remain underground

The Ukrainian fighters at the besieged Azovstal plantin Mariupol, the last pocket of resistance against the Russian forces in the city, promised today to continue fighting for as long as they are alive.

“We will continue to fight for as long as we live to repel the Russian occupiers”he said Sviatoslav Palamar, Deputy Commander of the Azov Orderduring an online interview.

“We do not have much time, we are facing heavy bombardment”he stressed, appealing to the international community to help evacuate the wounded soldiers from the factory in Mariupol.

The Ukrainian fighters responded to Moscow’s request, saying that “tradition is not a choice for us. “After all, the chances of us escaping alive if we surrender are slim,” he said, adding that dozens of civilians were still trapped in the basements of the facility and were in danger of losing their lives, either from basic goods shortages or Russian bombing.

In the hands of the Russians the city of Popasna

The Ukrainian troops retreated from the city Popasna in eastern Ukraine, he said today Governor of Luhansk Serhiy Gaidaiconfirming previous information that the city has been occupied.

In particular, o Gaidai He said on Ukrainian television that Ukrainian troops had retreated in search of more secure positions, adding: “Everything has been destroyed there”.

Earlier, o Ramzan Kadyrovheaded by of the Russian Republic of Chechnyastated that his troops have taken control of the town of Popasna in eastern Ukraine.

In mid-April Russian forces launched a new offensive focusing on eastern Ukrainewith the heaviest bombings and attacks taking place recently around Popasna in Luhansk Oblast.

«Chechen Special Forces (…) fighters have taken control of most of Popasna. “, Kadyrov pointed out in a post on Telegram. «The main streets and areas of the city have been completely cleaned “he added.

At present Kyiv has not commented on this informationbut late yesterday Saturday o Oleksy Arestovich, Adviser to Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky, had stated that fierce battles were raging in the city.

“The battle for Popasna continues,” Arestovic said in a video he posted on social media.

«The Russian propagandists are happy to say that they have already understood it, but that is not the case. This is the 117th time they have claimed to have ‘occupied Popasna’. this week“, He added.

Luhansk Governor Serhiy Gaidai had said earlier yesterday that Ukrainian forces were still in control of the area. “The situation is very difficult, but under control,” he told a Telegram video. He added that no Chechen troops were involved in the fighting, but that they were looting and filming.

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