Bulgarian MEP in SKAI: “We have a serious problem with forged certificates in Bulgaria”


Amid concerns by experts about a new resistant coronavirus mutation from Bulgaria, a country where vaccination rates do not exceed 30% – among the lowest in the EU – the phenomenon of issuing “fake” vaccination certificates is reaching pandemic proportions.

As he reveals to and Korina Georgiou Petar Vitanov, MEP and leader of the Socialist Party, this phenomenon has taken on enormous proportions, with the participation of doctors in this illegal circuit, who issue real certificates, but have not given the dose of the vaccine to the citizens.

The Bulgarian MEP has expressed fears that if the phenomenon escalates, his country may face the risk of vaccination certificates being rejected by other states and is sounding the alarm at the country’s Interior Ministry, warning of a warning. endangering public health. He states, among other things, that he is aware of similar cases of “fake” vaccination certificates, except in Bulgaria and Latvia, but even in countries such as the USA, Australia and Canada.


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