Italy: 11,555 cases and 49 deaths – Protests against vaccines


In the last twenty-four hours in Italy the number of coronavirus cases is 11,555 and 49 people have lost their lives. The number of cases is the highest since May 6 until today. The death toll, however, was 258 on the same day.

In total, 574,812 diagnostic tests were performed today, 2% of which were positive. There are 512 patients with covid 19 in the intensive care units of the country, while there are 4,250 in the hospital wards.

In the afternoon, anti-vaccinators mobilized in Rome, a short distance from the Colosseum. The sit-in protest was chosen, as the relevant law now stipulates, with the participation of four thousand people, who did not wear a protective mask. The participants reiterated that they refuse to comply with the mandatory use of the vaccinated green pass, in order to have access indoors.

Παράλληλα, στο Μιλάνο υπήρξε ένταση με την αστυνομία όταν μέρος των αντιεμβολιαστών που συμμετείχαν σε κινητοποίηση προσπάθησε να μπει στην κεντρική πλατεία του Ντουόμο. The details of about sixty people were verified. Dozens of vaccinators remained on the streets near the Duomo and began praying in protest against the police.


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