Lady Gaga praises Britney Spears: ‘You’ve changed the course of women’


Lady Gaga, 35, raved about Britney Spears, 39, from this Friday (19) to Saturday (20). In her Instagram stories, the singer spoke of the importance of her friend, who was fighting for the end of her judicial protection.

“Love you, Britney Spears. Live your best life. I prayed the court system would treat you like a person. You changed the course of women in this industry forever,” Gaga wrote in a photo in her Instagram stories.

The singer concluded by praising Britney’s strength: “You stood up on your own, and you were so brave. Thank you.”

Earlier this month, the judicial protection that the father of Britney Spears had over the singer was ended. The case was heard by a judge in Los Angeles (USA), who agreed that the singer is now able to control her assets and that the circumstances that led to her guardianship in 2008 no longer apply.

“In this case, the court concluded that this was voluntary guardianship and there is no need for a declaration of capability,” said Judge Brenda Penny during the Los Angeles County Superior Court hearing, meaning Spears would not have to testify.

Britney’s father was suspended from his role as a Conservative in late September. The judge said having him in charge of her daughter’s property was “unsustainable” and reflected a “toxic environment.”


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