US Secretary of Defense: Putin does not want a military confrontation with NATO


The United States does not believe that the Russian President Vladimir Putin wants military confrontation with NATO alliance, US Secretary of Defense said today Thursday Lloyd Austin, while Moscow continues to fight to achieve its goals in Ukraine two and a half months after its invasion of its neighboring country.

“As long as he watches “Putin’s logic, my view – and I’m sure the president has his own view – but my view is that Russia does not want to confront NATO,” Austin said during a congressional hearing.

It is noted that the announcement of Finland’s intention to join the Alliance seems to be a matter of days, while the President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky stated that the war with Russia would have been prevented if Ukraine had been a member of NATO.

It is recalled that Vladimir Putin on Monday on Victory Day claimed that the West was preparing to invade Russia, which gave a “precautionary response” to the invasion of Ukraine.

“It was a necessary, timely and correct decision,” Vladimir Putin said during a speech at the Red Square parade in Moscow on Victory Day against Nazism.

“NATO was provoking threats at our borders. “The West did not want to listen to Russia, they had other plans,” he said.

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