Mexico urges US to invite all countries to US Summit

Mexico urges US to invite all countries to US Summit

Mexico hopes to receive a response, possibly even within a day, from the US government on its proposal to invite all Latin American countries to participate in the US Summit to be held in Los Angeles in June. Mexican Foreign Minister Marcelo Ebrard said on Wednesday.

The Mexican Foreign Minister spoke to reporters after a conversation between President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador and Christopher Dodd, a special adviser to US President Joe Biden.

“Dodd said (…) I will answer you in the next few hours or tomorrow,” on behalf of “President Biden on what President Lopez Obrador proposed,” according to Mr Ebrard.

However, the head of Mexican diplomacy insisted that his government does not want to put pressure on the US, “the decision is left to them.”

“I’m optimistic,” he added.

A growing number of Latin American heads of state and government have recently announced that they will not attend the summit, or that they will not go unless all countries in the region are invited.

In April, a senior US official predicted that Cuba, Nicaragua and the government of Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro were unlikely to be invited to the diplomatic meeting.

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