XP founder criticizes Golden Bull’s removal from the center of SP

XP founder criticizes Golden Bull’s removal from the center of SP

The removal of the statue of the Golden Bull from B3, which had been installed on Rua 15 de Novembro, in the center of São Paulo, was criticized by Guilherme Benchimol, founder and executive chairman of the board of directors of XP.

The Golden Bull was conceived by Pablo Spyer, partner at XP and president of the financial education company Vai Tourinho. The businessman is also known for presenting the program Minuto Touro de Ouro, at Jovem Pan. These correlations contributed to the CPPU (Commission for the Protection of Urban Landscape), of the Municipal Department of Urbanism, to consider the statue an irregular advertising piece, which should be removed from the public road.

Benchimol, who participated in the statue’s inauguration event on November 16, wrote a post on his social networks this Thursday (25) classifying the removal as “one of the biggest absurdities” he has ever witnessed.

“The center of SP needed something that could attract people to revive local commerce and revive the economy. In the few days that Touro was in front of the B3, this had been happening. How many families, students and so many others did not visit It’s a shame!” wrote Benchimol in the publication.

The removal came hours after the CPPU concluded that the Golden Bull, as an advertisement, was not allowed to remain on display. The irregularity is subject to fine, to be determined by the Subprefecture of Sé, which informed that it still awaits the CPPU process to determine the value.

Benchimol says in his text that the bull is known worldwide as a symbol of virility and prosperity. “An icon of the strength of the world capital market, it is not by chance that we know the expression bull market — the bull attacks from the bottom up, demonstrating that in the long term, good companies always value themselves,” stated the businessman in the publication.

Also according to the founder of the investment platform, “out of ignorance”, there are many people who have a false perception in relation to the Stock Exchange, who see it as a merely speculative environment.

“They make a mistake! It’s a place where companies raise funds, so they can expand their business, generating jobs, income for the population, paying taxes for the state and bringing innovation to society.”

After the decision of the secretariat, B3, the Brazilian Stock Exchange, informed that it took the Touro to a warehouse where it keeps its collection and that there are no immediate plans for a new exhibition.


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