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Panel SA: Airlines go to Brasília to complain about the new pollution rate in Guarulhos


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Entities representing aviation companies began to take their complaints to Brasília against the new pollution tax to be charged to airlines at Guarulhos airport.

Approved by the municipality last month, the charge will be valid from 2023. It will be a fee of 3 UFGs (Fiscal Units of Guarulhos) for each ton of total weight of the aircraft measured before takeoff, including fuel, cargo, passengers and the aircraft itself. plane. Each UFG is equivalent to R$ 3.9381.

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Abear (Brazilian Association of Airlines), Iata (International Air Transport Association) and Alta (Latin American and Caribbean Air Transport Association), which bring together the largest companies in the world, have requested meetings with members of the Executive and Legislative to address the matter.

They argue that the initiative of the municipality of Guarulhos invades an exclusive competence of the Union and violates international agreements to which Brazil is a signatory.

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“We are showing the authorities. Imagine if each city wanted to charge income tax separately. Imagine each one with a criterion, a different rate. These are things that are regulated by the Union all over the planet. only exist in Brazil, like the ICMS”, says Eduardo Sanovicz, president of Abear.

According to the city hall, the charge aims to mitigate the environmental impacts of air pollution and noise from turbines.

The airlines’ reaction is taking place at the same time that other city halls in the state of São Paulo are organizing to study the expansion of charging to other terminals.

As Panel SA showed, last month, the executive secretary for Climate Change of the City of São Paulo, Antonio Fernando Pinheiro Pedro, said that a discussion group was set up with mayors, secretaries and technicians to address the issue.

Joana Cunha with Paulo Ricardo Martins and Gilmara Santos

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