Former child star of Globo who was starving thanks for donations: ‘Miracle’


Aretha Marcos, 48, who was a child star of Globo in the 1980s, thanked on social media for the hundreds of donations she received after revealing that she was experiencing financial difficulties. On Friday (8), she posted a cry for help on Instagram, telling her that she was not eating.

“I am deeply moved,” he said. “More than 200 people deposited small amounts. People who are also struggling to make ends meet, people who have little helped me out a little bit.”

Still very impacted by the donations, she wrote: “A miracle is happening!”. “There are a lot of people helping,” she was surprised. “I’m crying! Unbelievable! I knelt on the floor, humbled myself and I’m seeing this! My God, Dad, thank you.”

With the money from the donations in the account, she decided to take some action. “I’m even going to buy food for my pets, who don’t know how to fast like me,” she said. She also informed that she will leave the rented house where she lives, in the interior of São Paulo, to work in the capital.

Without work since before the pandemic, she had already made a virtual crowdfunding in 2020 with the aim of buying a house for R$ 150 thousand. At the time, she only raised R$ 5 thousand.

“I haven’t worked since 2012,” he said at the time. “My children’s connection with me was totally weakened, due to the fact that the mother did not have the financial conditions to relate to her children. I have already moved five times, looking for a place where I can have work, recover my health and my psychic. I want to have a house of my own.”

In Friday’s post, she criticized fellow art classmates who didn’t offer help. “Would any of the artists who play, defend, protect and benefit from the game that exploits my private life, could they even deposit money for a coffee?” she asked.

“Since artists and company like to have fun watching me lose my apartment, job, food, money, friends and family, we will disclose the names and stars of cruelty in the documentary we are preparing for you”, he threatened, without giving production details. O F5 contacted Aretha and her daughter, Mel Valim, but they declined to be interviewed.

Aretha participated in children’s specials such as “Noah’s Ark”, “Pirlimpimpim” and “Plunct, Plact, Zuuum”. Actress and singer, she is the daughter of singer Vanusa, who died in November 2020, as a result of her marriage to singer Antônio Marcos. She is the sister of actress Paloma Duarte (on her father’s side) and businessman of country singers Rafael Vannucci.

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