Mônica Bergamo: SindHosp asks the STF to take action against the nursing floor


The São Paulo Hospitals Union (SindHosp) will present on Tuesday (23) a request to the Federal Supreme Court (STF) so that it can join as amicus curiae (friend of the court) in a lawsuit that contests the new floor of nursing.

The new law, sanctioned by President Jair Bolsonaro (PL) and published earlier this month, creates a floor of R$4,750 for nurses. Nursing technicians must receive 70% of the new value, and nursing assistants and midwives, 50%.

The new measure was celebrated by professionals in the area, but health employers say they are worried about the cost of the salary increase.

In the admission application sent to the Supreme, SindHosp maintains that the fixed salary floor is unconstitutional and will seriously impact the health sector – which, in turn, will not have “any financial conditions to absorb such impacts, especially immediately”.

According to the union, which represents hospitals, clinics, health centers and private laboratories in the state of São Paulo, the institution of the new salary will result in the mass dismissal of employees in the sector and may make the provision of services unfeasible.

“There is no doubt that, considering the current scenario of the private health sector after the impact of the pandemic for two consecutive years, as well as the social relevance of the sector, those represented by the applicant [o SindHosp] would not support the salary increase of such employees,” the petition reads.

“The population will also end up paying the increase in the salaries of employees providing health services (in the private and public network), which is totally incoherent and unacceptable, especially in this moment of serious economic and health crisis”, he also says.

Currently, SindHosp represents 51 thousand health services in the state of São Paulo. They are responsible for employing more than 800,000 health professionals, of which 286,000 are CLT nurses.

According to a study conducted by the entity, the new salary floor for nursing should cause a 40% increase in the payroll of private institutions in the state of São Paulo.

“It is known that many hospitals in the interior and medium and small hospitals will not support the disbursement that the law creates, having to close their activities, close their doors, discontinue service to SUS users and health plans and cause unemployment “, says union president Francisco Balestrin.

The argument is rejected by professionals in the nursing category. To the SA Panel, from the Sheetthe São Paulo State Nurses Union (Seesp) stated that hospitals should have prepared better.

“Instead of attacking nursing workers, who are the ones who turn the money in private and philanthropic hospitals, they should be negotiating with Senator Rodrigo Pacheco [presidente do Senado, do DEM-MG] and with the deputies to approve as soon as possible the sources to have funding and help to pay for the approval of the salary floor. Playing on the back of the worker is very easy”, says the secretary general of Seesp, Solange Caetano.


Former governor João Doria (PSDB) attended the event that celebrated the 50th birthday of the Secretary of Justice and Citizenship of São Paulo, Fernando José da Costa, and his wife, Cristiane Zanetti da Costa, in the capital of São Paulo, on Friday. thursday (19). Singer Evandro Mesquita and his band Blitz were one of the attractions of the couple’s party.


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