Panel SA: Pandemic increases demand for accident insurance for deliverymen

Panel SA: Pandemic increases demand for accident insurance for deliverymen

The surge in demand for fast delivery services in the coronavirus pandemic has boosted insurance business, which has seen a surge in demand for plans that cover the risks posed by commuting for self-employed workers and businesses.

Digital insurance company Iza, which has partnered with application delivery companies such as Carbono Zero, Alfred Delivery and Mais Delivery, offers its clients an intermittent model, in which risk coverage can be guaranteed only during specific deliveries, or per day of work, regardless of the number of deliveries.

Delivery people insured by Iza are entitled to coverage of up to R$30,000 in case of accidents, for expenses with medical, hospital and dental care, temporary incapacity, permanent disability and death, in addition to R$5,000 extra for funerals.

Porto Seguro offers two types of insurance for delivery services. In addition to life insurance for couriers, the company provides coverage for goods during transport. According to the insurance company, hiring in the segment increased by 240% this year, until September.

Ifood claims that its couriers have MetLife coverage for any accident since 2019 and insurance for temporary injuries, for couriers away for at least seven days for recovery — the amount paid corresponds to 70% of the average earnings in the month prior to the accident. .

Uber Eats has partnered with Chubb Seguros to cover personal accidents during deliveries requested through its app, including death, disability and medical, hospital and dental expenses.

According to a survey by Ipea (Institute for Applied Economic Research) in September this year, accidents involving motorcyclists represent more than a third of deaths in traffic in Brazil. Data from the institute also show that the ratio between dead and disabled people involved in car accidents is one death to two disabled people, whereas for motorcyclists, this ratio goes from one to ten.

with Ricardo Balthazar (interim), Andressa Motter e Ana Paula Branco


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