SA Panel: Dialysis clinics calculate 53% discharge in session after nursing floor


The cost of the dialysis session will be 53% more expensive if the nursing floor is released, according to an opinion commissioned by ABCDT (association of dialysis centers) and the Brazilian Society of Nephrology.

According to the entities, the clinics already pay a lag in the sessions due to the lack of adjustment in the SUS table, that is, the Ministry of Health passes on R$ 218.47, but the average cost of the sessions is R$ 302.87.

The clinics claim that medical supplies are more expensive and the government budget is insufficient to cover the operation.

The implementation of the new nursing salary is suspended across the country. Last week, most STF ministers endorsed Luís Roberto Barroso’s injunction in favor of suspension until information about the economic impact of the measure is presented.

The technical opinion on dialysis was prepared by Global Auditores Independentes.

Joana Cunha with Paulo Ricardo Martins and Diego Felix

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