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Folha Top of Mind reaches its 32nd edition recognized by the market and with an eye on trends


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Folha Top of Mind reaches its 32nd edition in 2022. Since 1991 on the market, the brand memory survey carried out by Datafolha stands out as the main one in the country.

The researchers go into the field to find out from people which brands are most remembered by them. The beginning of the project conveyed the result from 12 categories. In the last edition, there were 80 categories, which raise names on topics such as the environment, banks, airlines, automobiles, toothpaste, among many others.

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The constant technological evolution, for example, makes new categories emerge. These were the cases of digital banks and transport apps in 2021. Nubank and Uber, respectively, were the most remembered by respondents.

“There is no more important thermometer for the market and advertisers who see their brands in people’s mouths. And for that, purpose, strategy and relevance are necessary”, says Marcelo Reis, co-CEO and CCO of the Leo Burnett agency.

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From the point of view of a retailer representative, Jorge Gonçalves Filho, president of the IDV (Instituto para Desenvolvimento do Varejo), observes the importance of the award: “It is an important tool to guide the companies’ marketing investments, as they manage to have the perception of its importance in the market from the point of view of the consumer.”

“And who doesn’t want to be and remain in people’s memory?”, asks Antonio Fadiga, partner and CEO of Artplan. “Being able to capture the perception of brands, with a comprehensive and accurate look at different scenarios in the country over more than 30 years, is admirable. When our clients are part of this selection, it is a source of pride for me and for the entire agency” , complete.

According to the executive, Folha Top of Mind has the ability to portray people’s daily lives and determine which products and services are most present in consumers’ daily lives.

And to reach these people in different corners of the country, researchers use planes, cars, motorcycles, buses and even boats, representing Brazil’s regional plurality. In the last year, they interviewed 7,584 Brazilians aged 16 and over from all regions, genders and social classes.

“It is commendable a survey that has been traveling throughout Brazil for three decades with a simple question, ‘What is the first brand that comes to your mind?’, but which reveals a lot about Brazilian consumer behavior over all these years” , emphasizes Eduardo Simon, partner and CEO of the Galeria agency.

The exception to these trips was 2020, when the Covid-19 pandemic came and the interviews took place over the phone.


Environmental issues and diversity are increasingly evident current topics under discussion and, of course, this impacts advertising and the performance of major brands. In a polarized society, topics such as racism, feminism, LGBTphobia arise in great debates.

Diversity was even the main theme of the special edition of Folha Top of Mind in 2021.

“Nowadays, for a brand to be admired and remembered, it needs to seek authenticity, create attitude, purpose and action”, says Sergio Lage, coordinator and professor of postgraduate studies at ESPM (Escola Superior de Propaganda e Marketing). “She needs to be inspired and be inspiring, motivating and, also, builder of a better society”, completes the consultant.

According to the specialist, the brand needs to be “multiplier of these new manifestations and, in some way, incorporate or, at the very least, seek to understand and respect these achievements of civil and human rights as the guidelines of social inclusion, diversity and respect for differences “.

Eduardo Simon, on the other hand, observes more inclusive brands and agencies. “And the trend is that this practice is increasing so that all groups can feel represented and respected.”

“But I have to say that there is still a problem to be solved in the sense of representing the Brazilian population more adequately, whether in communications or even in the teams that work for brands”, says the executive of the Gallery.

“Advertising is a mirror of the country’s social, economic and consumer relations… To be Top of Mind, despite its name, the work of the brand and its agency is to win the consumer’s heart. This award is proof of that”, says Mario D’Andrea, president of ABAP (Brazilian Association of Advertising Agencies).

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