Vaivém: External food prices are still at a high level


Food prices are accommodated in the foreign market, but are still well above the values ​​of a year ago. A sign that inflationary pressures in this sector will continue.

These external values ​​have brought good revenues to the country, but the return to the levels of two years ago will still take a long time.

Meat, a sector that Brazil has been achieving records in exports, is the one that rises the least in the last 12 months.

The most recent data from Secex (Secretariat of Foreign Trade) showed that a ton of Brazilian beef is being traded at US$ 5,989 abroad. This value is only 3% higher than in September 2021.

Prices stopped the rise, but exports remain heated. This month, the volume that should leave Brazil will be close to the record of 203 thousand tons of August.

Pork also has values ​​close to those of September 2021. The increase in the last 12 months is 4%. Demand grew, the country exported a record volume in August, and the average value per ton is US$ 2,467.

Chicken meat also shows a slowdown in recent weeks, however, it still exceeds the value of a year ago by 19%.

Unlike proteins, grain prices are still pressing. Corn, with strong external demand and record exports from Brazil, has seen an increase of 53% in prices.

Exports this month are expected to reach a record 7.62 million tons, according to estimates by Anec (National Association of Cereal Exporters).

If this volume is confirmed, foreign sales will reach close to 27 million tons, above the 21 million for the whole year of 2021.

Soybean, with a value of US$ 619 per ton in the exported product, still maintains an appreciation of 22% compared to 2021.

Due to the crop failure this year, exports from January to September are expected to be 74.7 million, below the volume of the previous year.

The average price of coffee beans negotiated by the country is at US$ 3,937 this month, still 42% higher than a year ago. Cotton and sugar rose 21% and 17%, respectively.

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