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SA Panel: Big businessmen and pro-Tebet economists insist on a third way


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Big businessmen and economists who have declared their support for Simone Tebet as an alternative to the polarization between Lula and Bolsonaro say they will stick firmly to the third way despite her low score in the polls.

“The vast majority of businessmen I live with, and who in fact fought and continue to fight for the third way, will not give up their conscious vote, regardless of the polls”, says Antonio Carlos Pipponzi, chairman of the board of RaiaDrogasil.

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One of the biggest enthusiasts of Tebet’s candidacy in the business world, Pipponzi is a signatory of the manifesto “The best road to Brazil”, in support of the emedebista, launched in June with around 300 names, such as Armínio Fraga, Maria Silvia Bastos Marques and Eduardo Mufarej .

For Bastos Marques, the election remains polarized, but Tebet leaves with a positive balance. “I feel very encouraged by the fact that Tebet has reached relevant percentages of approval and positioned himself as a leader of national reach, despite the very short time to become known and considering that the three other candidates have been on the political scene for decades,” she says. .

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Mufarej says he also continues to support the candidate. “One of the challenges of our election is polarization, and that today is still the hope for dialogue and tolerance in our country’s challenging discussions. My concern now is with Congress. We need to look carefully which parliament we will have from 2023. Regardless of the president, governance will be there”, he says.

The position is not a consensus among the signatories of the pro-Tebet manifesto signed just over two months ago. This week, attorney Miguel Reale Jr. declared support for Lula.

The Datafolha survey this Thursday (22) points to Tebet with 5%, tied with Ciro Gomes, who fluctuated from 8% to 7%. Lula has 47% of the votes and Bolsonaro, 33%.

Joana Cunha with Paulo Ricardo Martins and Diego Felix

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