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INSS will comb the benefits and cut assistance, retirement and BPC; see how it will be


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The Ministry of Labor and Social Security is preparing a new fine-tooth comb on disability benefits paid by the INSS (National Social Security Institute), which includes sickness benefit and disability retirement.

The review, which appears in an ordinance published in the Official Gazette this Thursday (22), can also be carried out in other pensions and in the BPC (Benefit of Continued Provision), in addition to other social security, assistance, labor and even tax benefits. , although the document does not detail what they are.

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Aid and disability pensions that have not been examined for more than six months, do not have scheduled discharge or indication of rehabilitation for the insured must be reviewed. In the case of the BPC, the fine-tooth comb will focus on those that have not been reviewed for more than two years.

The BPC is paid to the elderly and needy people with disabilities, with a minimum income per family member of up to a quarter of the minimum wage (R$303 today). To receive, you must be registered in CadÚnico (Cadastro Único).

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The age of the insured and the time he has been receiving the benefit will also be considered for the summons. The younger the beneficiary, the more likely it is to be called. In the case of maintenance time, the older the benefit, the more likely it is to undergo a review.

The review program will be valid for up to 180 days (approximately six months).

It was not informed how the insured will be summoned, but whoever receives the INSS notice to undergo a review must schedule the expertise. If you do not do this within the stipulated period, your benefit will be cut.

Currently, the queue for medical expertise at the institute is at about 1 million appointments. The accumulation is due to the pandemic, when agencies were closed for seven months, strikes by servers and medical experts and lack of servers.

The experts who choose to participate in the program may receive about R$ 62 per expertise, according to the ANMP (National Association of Expert Doctors). It will be possible to do up to 15 extra skills per working day, in addition to the exams already scheduled and which are part of the professional’s routine.

When there is a joint effort, however, the doctor can carry out up to 30 review examinations in a single day, which can earn him an increase of R$ 1,860 in his salary. Participation in the review program, however, is optional. Social Security currently has around 3,500 experts.

According to the vice president of the ANMP, the category is in line with the fine-toothed comb, especially since it is a program in which you can choose to participate or not. “We are in agreement because, now, it will be optional. The expert who finds himself able to do the fine-tooth comb will register and carry it out”, he says.

What to do if you’re called up to the fine-toothed comb

The Social Security and the INSS have not yet defined how the insured persons will be called for the review of benefits. However, the beneficiary who is summoned must present documents proving the right to income.

In addition to personal documents, you must have medical reports and exams that prove illness, accident or disability. The medical report must be signed by a professional registered in the CRM (Regional Council of Medicine).

If the disease has worsened, it is necessary to take exams, prescriptions and reports proving the progress, so that the benefit is not cut.

Lawyer Rômulo Saraiva, a pension specialist and columnist for Sheet, states that insurers need to be careful, as it is a very comprehensive fine-tooth comb, whose rules are still not so clear. For him, it is necessary to clarify which are the labor and tax benefits that are targeted by Social Security.

Although the review is approved, there should still be the publication of a normative instruction with guidelines for policyholders.

In 2019, shortly after assuming the presidency, the Bolsonaro government published a provisional measure implementing a fine-tooth comb in disability benefits and in the BPC. The focus, at the time, was to cut R$9.8 billion in improperly paid benefits.

The target was 5.5 million retirement and aid and 2.5 million BPCs.

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