Panel SA: Businessmen want to convey a message of concern to Lula


On the list of concerns that businessmen want to bring to Lula at the event promoted by the Esfera group this Tuesday night (27th) is the message that 2022 will not be 2003, the year of his first term, and that the economic scenario worries them, according to a of the guests.

They want to ask the former president and leader in the polls to detail his intentions and show the difference between what is campaign speech and what comes in practice, according to one of the businessmen.

There is also the intention to show PT that in the private sector there is not much room for error in the economic conduct with the shadows in the economies of the United States and Europe and a moment of resignification of China’s role in the scenario.

In the words of one businessman, the idea, at tonight’s event, is to send a message that they agree with the analogy of a barbecue with beer at a Brazilian’s table, which Lula often uses to define his ideal scenario. But let it be barbecue and beer in moderation, says one of them.

Still on the list of curiosities brought to the event with Lula, according to another member present at the event, what everyone wants to know is who the ministers will be, the future of reforms, the fiscal vision and the direction of foreign policy.

Among the guests are names such as Flávio Rocha, chairman of the board of Guararapes (Riachuelo), Rubens Ometto, of Cosan, José Olympio, former president of Credit Suisse in Brazil, Fabio Ermirio de Moraes (Votorantim), Josué Gomes da Silva, president of Fiesp, Benjamin Steinbruch (CSN).

Joana Cunha with Paulo Ricardo Martins and Diego Felix

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