Gazprom threatens to cut gas flow through Ukraine as well


The Kremlin-controlled natural gas giant cites disagreements with Ukrainian operator Naftogaz.

It is now threatening to cut off the Russian natural gas that is piped to Europe and through Ukraine Gazprom according to its announcement last night. Kremlin-controlled gas giant cites standoff with Ukrainian administrator Naftogaz with regard to the transit of Russian natural gas.

Naftogaz appealed to an arbitration court, accusing Gazprom of not paying the dues (fees) for the transit of gas through Ukraine.

Gazprom says Russia can to impose sanctions against Naftogaz in the event that it fails to meet its obligations, resulting in transit fees not being paid to Ukraine.

“Gazprom categorically rejects all claims of Naftogaz Ukrainy regarding the initiated procedures related to the transit of Russian natural gas to Europe – the services not provided by the Ukrainian side should not and will not be paid,” notes the Russian giant.

Today (yesterday) Gazprom informed the Secretariat of the International Arbitration Court (IAC) of the International Chamber of Commerce and the current head of NJSC Naftogaz of Ukraine.

Large fluctuations are also recorded today in the price of natural gas. From the 213 euros per megawatt hour that it was in the morning, it fell to 197 euros, to reach again a little while ago above 200 euros per megawatt hour. (203,995)

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