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Government proposes full opening of the free energy market from 2028


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The Ministry of Mines and Energy opened this Friday (30) a public consultation on a plan to fully open up the free electricity market from 2028.

The government’s proposal allows all consumers in the country, including those connected to low voltage such as homes, to buy electricity directly from any supplier — generator, trader or distributor.

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The advance in the market liberalization agenda comes two days after the government published an ordinance authorizing all consumers connected to high voltage to join the free energy market from 2024, which was considered an achievement by much of the sector. electric.

Under the terms of the draft ordinance now under discussion, the migration of residential consumers to the so-called “free contracting environment” (ACL) would be allowed as of 2028. As for commercial and industrial consumers not yet enabled by the current rules, the schedule starts in 2026.

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The proposal maintains the segregation between the “wholesale” and “retail” segments of the electricity sector – that is, low voltage consumers who decide to access the free market must be represented by a retail agent before the CCEE (Câmara de Comercialização de Energia Elétrica) ).

In a note, the Ministry of Mines and Energy said it expects with the measure greater competitiveness of the sector, which tends to provide “more interesting prices”.

“The MME recognizes that some issues still lack regulation and improvements, the main ones being: regulation of the supplier of last resort and the measurement aggregator, review of the mechanisms for managing the portfolio and decontracting of distributors, improvements to retail sales and separation of activities of wire and energy”, he added.

The public consultation will remain open to receive contributions until November 1st.

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