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From star to entrepreneur: how Brad Pitt debuted in the beauty business


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Brad Pitt is back in the headlines, but this time not with a new blockbuster in theaters. Considered in the past “bad boy” of Hollywood and until recently an eternal pothead, the actor finally surrendered to the simplicity of high luxury to diversify his investments.

With a sex appeal that is rare in the industry at 58, nothing more natural than embracing a line of beauty products and a clothing brand. The new ventures join the rosé champagne brand he launched two years ago and his debut as an artist with his first public exhibition this month at a museum in Finland.

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The star of “Fight Club” (1999) and “Once Upon a Time in Hollywood” (2019) received guests to present the news at his property in the south of France, Château Miraval. He and Angelina Jolie bought the winery in 2008 and got married there in 2014. The place is still the center of legal disputes between the two after their divorce in 2016.

The beauty line is called Le Domaine and is based on the antioxidant power of grapes. There is a serum, two types of cream and a cleansing emulsion that combine the properties of the seeds of Grenache grapes with the seeds and skins of Syrah and Mourvedre grapes, all from the Provence region.

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Le Domaine is not geared towards a specific genre, it comes in reusable packaging and with a cap recycled from wine barrels.

It is clear that Pitt has been getting cosmetic treatments on his face, something that can greatly distract the most attentive viewer of his latest blockbuster, “Bullet Train” (2022). But anyone who wants to pay to see if it was just the French magic grapes responsible for the transformation will have to shell out a few hundred euros. One of the creams costs 275 euros (R$1,400), while the serum sells for 350 euros (R$1,780).

“I don’t want to run away from old age. I’d like to see our culture embracing old age a little more. When we created Le Domaine, we discussed using ‘anti-aging’ titles. It’s ridiculous. It’s a fairy tale. But what’s real? is to treat your skin in a healthy way,” Pitt told the British edition of Vogue magazine.

“It’s something I’ve learned to do through my job, but it makes you feel better. I grew up with a country mentality, you know, wash your face with soap and move on. And I think we’re learning that if we love, if we treat each other a little better, there will be lasting benefits in that.”

In the interview, Pitt also praised his friend Gwyneth Paltrow, who taught him how to take care of his skin when the two dated and got engaged in the 1990s.

The former actress has been helping Pitt promote the new collection of cashmere shirts he created in partnership with a businesswoman and holistic healer named Sat Hari Khalsa. God’s True Cashmere items are still much more expensive than face creams.

In an interview with her beauty website, Paltrow spoke with Pitt about inspiration for launching the $2,250 unisex shirts. It all started with a desire to be “softer in life,” he said, prompting his friend Khalsa to find the best cashmere on the market to make him a shirt as a gift.

With the portal Goop, created in 2008, Paltrow became a guru of women’s health and beauty, even selling the craziest panaceas to a gigantic fan club with deep pockets. Le Domaine and God’s True Cashmere will certainly be brands aimed at this audience, albeit more masculine.

The beauty line didn’t just open promises of youth, but also the pandora’s box of the divorce of Pitt and Jolie, who continue to fight even six years after being separated. In 2021, the actress sold her share of Château Miraval to a company part of Stoli’s wine division, whose owner would be a Russian billionaire, according to a lawsuit obtained by People magazine.

Pitt sued his ex-wife a few months ago as he would have the right to purchase, and Jolie sued in early September. The actress’ company alleges that Pitt has campaigned to take ownership of Château Miraval in recent years and has been involved in the sale negotiations, all in retaliation for the divorce and child custody proceedings.

The imbroglio should continue for a few more years, while Pitt continues with his new life as a businessman and artist. He is presenting nine sculptures at the Sara Hilden Art Museum in Tampere, southern Finland, until January 15th. For the art critic of the British newspaper The Guardian, Pitt surprised: “He avoided the embarrassment of celebrities who make art to reveal powerful and valuable works”.

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