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Panel SA: Gerdau family members donate almost R$3 million to Bolsonaro’s party in the 2nd round


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The PL, Bolsonaro’s party, received yet another significant financial support from family members who run large Brazilian companies.

Members of the Gerdau family, who in the 1st round made campaign donations to the Legislature, returned to donate in the 2nd round, now focusing on the dispute for the government of Rio Grande do Sul.

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On the 11th and 17th, Frederico Carlos Gerdau Johannpeter transferred R$ 2.7 million to the Rio Grande do Sul PL directory, represented in the 2nd round by Onyx Lorenzoni. Also on Monday (17) he also allocated R$ 1 million to Tarcísio de Freitas (Republicans), candidate for the government of São Paulo, both Bolsonaro allies.

Frederico Gerdau was once the group’s vice president and currently has no executive position in the company. He is one of the largest individual donors in the entire election, with a total of R$ 5.9 million distributed among ten candidates and three directorates.

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Arthur Chagas Gerdau Johannpeter donated R$250,000 to the Rio Grande do Sul PL directory on the 11th. In the 1st round he contributed to the campaigns of Jair Bolsonaro (R$100,000), elected senator Hamilton Mourão (R$100,000) and other candidates for the legislature. So far, Arthur has donated BRL 780,000 to seven candidates.

Together, the donations from the entire Gerdau family, including other members, amount to around R$ 8.5 million.

Joana Cunha with Paulo Ricardo Martins and Diego Felix

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