Panel SA: Director of FGV asks for vote for Bolsonaro


The director of the FGV’s executive education network, Luiz Ernesto Migliora Neto, took to social media to ask for a vote for Bolsonaro in the second round.

In a message posted on his LinkedIn profile this Thursday (20), he uses terms such as “thief”, “band” and “criminal organization” to refer to Lula.

His text also uses recurring themes from the Bolsonarist repertoire such as socialism, homeland, family and order.

“Don’t let socialism come to Brazil,” wrote the FGV executive on LinkedIn.

In the same text, Migliora Neto also states that the pandemic has been overcome and inflation has been controlled.

To Panel SA, Fundação Getulio Vargas said that its employees have freedom of expression and that the institution remains exempt in electoral debates.

In a note, FGV states that it is a non-political and non-partisan institution that has always contributed, with its expertise, to the development of Brazil, regardless of the ruler.

“Of course, its collaborators have – and will always have – complete freedom of political choice and expression of their thoughts. In this case, the fact that one of its employees, as a citizen, expresses his opinion on a private and personal social network in no way links the institution, which remains exempt from electoral debates”, says the foundation.

Joana Cunha with Paulo Ricardo Martins and Diego Felix

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