Recipe opens new batch of fine mesh: see how to consult and who will receive

Recipe opens new batch of fine mesh: see how to consult and who will receive

The Federal Revenue opens this Monday (24), from 10 am, the consultation of the fine mesh lot of the Income Tax 2022. The refund money will be paid on the 31st to 471,447 taxpayers.

BRL 800 million will be returned, with around BRL 270 million for taxpayers with legal priority. According to the Revenue, there are also 382,013 non-priority taxpayers in this lot.

The batch consultation can be done through the website and the Federal Revenue app.

How to check if you are in the residual lot as of this Monday

  1. Access the website
  2. Click on “My Income Tax”
  3. Then click on “Check Refund”
  4. On the next page, the option of simplified or complete consultation of the declaration status will appear
  5. If you find any pending issues, you can rectify the statement, correcting or adding information. Without the correct data, the declaration does not leave the fine mesh and the refund is not released in the IRS lots.

The consultation can also be done through the Federal Revenue app.

The legal priority covers elderly people over 80 years old (6,483), elderly people between 60 and 79 years old (54,365), people with some physical or mental disability or serious illness (5,516) and taxpayers whose main source of income is teaching (23,070).

The refund will be paid to the bank account informed in the taxpayer’s Income Tax declaration, directly or by indicating a Pix key.

The amount returned is corrected by the Selic (basic interest rate) accrued from the month following the deadline for submitting the declaration until the month prior to payment plus 1% in the month of deposit. If the credit is not carried out for any reason, the amounts will be available for redemption for up to one year at Banco do Brasil.

If you miss this deadline, you will need to make a request on the e-CAC portal, accessing the menu “Declarations and Statements”, “My Income Tax” and clicking on “Request a refund not redeemed in the banking network”.

The 2022 fine mesh had over 1 million contributors. Of the total of 38.2 million statements received this year, 1.032 million documents were retained in the mesh.

According to the tax authorities, this number represents 2.7% of the total declarations delivered. Eight out of ten have tax to be refunded, totaling 811,782 documents; 198,541 have to pay IR; and 21,956 have a zero balance.


  • Omission of earnings of the holder or dependent, adding up to 41.9% of the total
  • Failure to deduct medical expenses, amounting to 28.6% of the total
  • Difference between the IR informed by the taxpayer and the one sent by the company to the Federal Revenue, totaling 21.9%
  • Other reasons such as general deductions, including education and others, accumulated income received and divergent information about carnê-leão, adding up to 7.6% of the total


  1. Open the Income Tax program
  2. There are two options to rectify: in the “R”, on the left, or by double-clicking on the declaration that was sent
  3. In “Taxpayer Identification”, on the left, inform that it is a rectifying declaration and enter the number of the original IR receipt
  4. Correct the necessary information on the sheets where you made mistakes
  5. Click on “Check Issues” in the menu on the left, or above, on a green check symbol
  6. Red pending issues prevent the submission of the declaration; the yellow ones, no; correct what is necessary and go to “Deliver declaration”, on the left or above (earth globe with orange arrow)
  7. Enter the requested data and transmit the declaration; engrave and/or print the document or receipt

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