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Patras – revenge porn case: Ten victims have initiated lawsuits for the “pink” extortion ring of 141 women


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The videos and photos were uploaded to a file storage service based in New Zealand.

Ten young ladies have submitted complaint against specific people who “promoted” their private moments.

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The first complaints reached the Electronic Crime Prosecution at the end of 2021 with the protagonists being two girls from Patras. They reported that a particular link led to an online file storage and sharing service where photos and amateur videos of dozens of women’s sexual moments had been collected. No coding was needed to access this digital keyhole. He just had to click on the hyperlink which initially displayed a folder named “Patra”.

It contained 141 subfolders, which corresponded to an equal number of women. 1,500 files were stored in them. The first evidence pointed to a case of revenge pornography. Each of the 141 subfolders was allegedly named after the profile name each victim used on social media accounts such as Instagram. Some of these names corresponded to nicknames, but some were real names. The first identifications of women showed that they are indeed in Achaia.

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From the Prosecution of Electronic Crime sent the case in Patras so that due to the locality and volume of the persons involved to continue the investigation by police officers there and to search for other victims. The videos and photos were uploaded to the file storage service provided by Mega, a company based in New Zealand. According to police sources, the company’s assistance was requested in order to find electronic traces of those who were related to the posting of the material and then deactivate the link in question. This evidence reportedly led to the identification of four individuals in Athens. Prosecutors initially asked them to give explanations in person, as they had not yet been charged.

The electronic link that had been circulated on the Internet referred in 1,500 files with photos and videos.

Not specified exactly how the 1,500 records were collected. Police officers, however, with knowledge of similar cases from the recent past, explain that there are various channels on other applications, such as Telegram, where photos and videos of women are exchanged between users. It is possible that someone or others fished out these files and grouped them into the new list.

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