Lula has to reduce poverty and reorganize the Budget, say columnists


The third government of Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva will face a challenging fiscal situation and needs to pay attention to structural reforms in the fight against poverty, according to reporters and columnists of the Sheet gathered live this Sunday night (30), after PT’s victory in the elections.

According to special reporter Alexa Salomão, the government’s first task “will have to be to review the Budget and reorganize the accounts” in the face of the fiscal hole planned for next year.

“And this has to be done even before the new government takes over. There is no money for Auxílio Brasil, a campaign promise made by Lula.”

Columnists Michael França and Muniz Sodré defended the strengthening of industry and education as means of combating poverty to be pursued by the new government.

“Brazil sometimes has good intentions in terms of fighting inequality, but it doesn’t always do it with efficient policy,” said França. “I hope we start to have a more purposeful, more structured discussion to fight poverty.”

According to Sodré, the reduction of inequality must be a central point of Lula’s administration, and it must happen “not only with economic benefits, with 600 reais per month”. “This is necessary, but it is palliative. We have to think about what mechanisms to use in addition to economistic ones.”

“In addition to income transfers, we have to make productive inclusion”, stated França. “Much of poverty today is because people are not even getting work. The Brazilian education system is very flawed and technological advances are demanding more qualified workers, which excludes the poorest.”

TV Folha will host this Sunday, until 9:50 pm, a special live program about the 2022 elections, with journalists and columnists commenting on the results of the polls.

All videos will be broadcast on the channel of Sheet on YouTube (


21:00 – The new Congress and possible governance

Fernando Canzian, special reporter for the Sheet

Ranier Bragon, reporter for Sheet in Brasilia

Vinicius Mota, Editor-in-Chief of Sheet

Monica Bergamo, columnist for Sheet

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