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Roadblocks threaten transport of oxygen to hospitals


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Protests by Bolsonarista groups on highways could harm the supply of oxygen to hospitals and put the production of flu vaccines at risk.

Abiquim (Brazilian Chemical Industry Association) reported this Tuesday morning (1st) that the demonstrations are jeopardizing the transport of medical liquid oxygen, intended for clinics and hospitals and essential for the preservation of the lives of patients with respiratory crisis. or in critical condition in ICUs and ICUs.

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“It is necessary to urgently release circulation without blockages in the country so that both oxygen and other essential products for the life of Brazilians continue to reach their destination”, demands the association.

Also in the morning, the Butantan Institute had to ask the SSP (Secretariat of Public Security) for help to avoid damage.

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According to the entity, a load of 520,000 eggs used for the production of vaccines against H3N2 was blocked near Jundiaí (SP) and, if it did not arrive at the laboratory in the capital by the end of the morning, the manufacture of 1.5 million doses could be compromised.

Just before noon, the institute announced that the truck had been released with the help of the SSP and that, after a six-hour delay, it was arriving at the building on Avenida Vital Brasil, in Butantan, in the west of SP.

According to the Secretary of State for Health, there is no record that the demonstrations are affecting the transport of patients transferred from the municipality via CROSS (Central for Regulation of the Offer of Health Services).

This morning, the Minister of the Federal Supreme Court (STF) Alexandre de Moraes decided that the military police can act in the clearance of blocked highways “regardless of where they occur”, including on federal highways.

“The military police of the states have full constitutional and legal attributions to act in the face of these illicit acts, regardless of where they occur, whether in public spaces and federal, state or municipal highways”, says the minister in the decision.

After the decision, the military police of the states began to work to clear the roads, but there are still roadblocks.

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