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Premiere for the household basket – When will the products be renewed, how will the application of the measure be checked


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With the aim of containing the prices of basic products from 51 categories, the household basket starts today – Visits Georgiadis – Papathanasis to supermarkets

It premieres today “household basket” through which it is foreseen to contain the prices of basic goods consumed by the Greeks.

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As provided for in the Ministerial Decision, food and other product hypermarkets that carry out retail activities (super markets) with an annual turnover of more than 90,000,000 euros per year, are required to send to the Ministry of Development & Investments a list of consumer products (“household basket ») that are necessary for a decent living, as stated in the relevant decision.

The list of products will be declared every week and specifically every Wednesday at 9 am.

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Today, however, the first day of implementation of the measure aimed at containing the prices of basic living products, the Minister of Development and Investments Adonis Georgiadis, the Deputy Minister Nikos Papathanasis, the Secretary General of Trade and Consumer Protection Sotiris Anagnostopoulos, the Commander of the Inter-Services of the Market Control Unit (DIMEA) Charalambos Melissinos and DIMEA auditors, visit ten supermarket chain stores in the following order:

08:00 – MASOUTIS (Chlois 1 & Pentelis Street, Maroussi 151 26)

08:30 – LIDL (Leoforos Dimokratis 4-6, Melissia 151 27)

09:00 – SKLAVENITIS (16 Eleftheriou Venizelou & Souliou, Melissia 151 27)

09:30 – KRITIKOS (67 Pigis Avenue, Melissia 151 27)

10:00 – MY MARKET (Leoforos Pentelis 120-126, Vrilissia 152 38)

10:30- AB VASSILOPOULOS (39 Pentelis Avenue, Vrilissia 152 38)

11:00 – GALAXIAS (63 Agiou Antoniou, Vrilissia 152 38)

11:30 – BAZAAR (Leoforos Pentelis 23, Chalandri 152 33)

12:00 – MARKET IN (51 Metamorphoses & Kithaironos, Chalandri 152 34)

12:30 – THANOPOULOS (Kifisia Square)

It is noted that the controls for the implementation of the measure will be continuous, while the sending of the product catalog for the companies that are obliged to send data to the electronic platform e-katanalotis, will be done through the same platform, while for the rest of the companies, the sending of the catalogs it is done with a list at the email address

The 51 product categories are as follows:

1 Rice

2 Bread for toast

3 Loaf of bread (standard/packaged)

4 toasts

5 Spaghetti No. 6

6 All purpose flour

7 Legumes (at least one type)

8 Turkey and/or paris

9 Frozen fish

10 Fresh pork (packaged or not)

11 Fresh chicken (packaged or not)

12 Fresh whole milk

13 Fresh low-fat milk

14 Evaporated milk

15 Unflavored cow’s milk yogurt

16 Unflavored low-fat cow’s milk yogurt

17 Sliced ​​feta cheese

18 Gouda cheese

19 Low-fat cheese

20 Preserved tomato juice

21 Eggs (cage and barn)

22 Margarines

23 Virgin olive oil

24 Sunflower oil

25 Frozen vegetables (at least one of peas, okra, green beans)

26 White sugar

27 Baby formula (baby food)

28 Infant milk (baby food)

29 Greek coffee

30 Instant coffee

31 French coffee

32 Tea or chamomile

33 Cocoa powder

34 Orange juice

35 Hand sanitizers / antiseptics

36 Laundry detergents (liquid and powder – not tablets)

37 Detergents for mopping and cleaning surfaces – bleaches

38 Dishwashing detergents for hand washing

39 Kitchen paper

40 Toilet paper

41 Toothpastes

42 Napkins

43 Tampons

44 Shampoo

45 Soaps in solid state

46 Incontinence diapers

47 Diapers for babies

48 Baby wipes

49 Baby shampoo

50 Foods for dogs

51 Foods for cats

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