PRF leaves highway without complying with court decision to unlock lane in SC


The Federal Highway Police who were positioned to comply with the court order and demobilize the blockade of the BR-101 in Palhoça, in greater Florianópolis, left the place without complying with the decision of the Justice of Santa Catarina.

With the departure of the agents, the protesters of the antidemocratic act, opposed to the defeat in the second round of Jair Bolsonaro (PL) on Sunday (30), advanced with the blocking points in the vicinity of the highway.

About 200 people were there as of Tuesday night. The group prevented the press from approaching.

A decision published at dawn authorizes the use of security forces and establishes a fine of R$10,000 for protesters who fail to comply.

Judge Luciana Pelisser Gottardi Trentini, from the judiciary duty, responded to the request of the government of Santa Catarina and, at dawn, determined that state highways in Santa Catarina that are obstructed by the action of protesters be unblocked.

The document authorizes the government to “adopt all necessary and sufficient measures to protect the surrounding order and, above all, the safety of pedestrians, drivers, passengers and the movement’s participants, including through the use of public force.”

On the side of the BR-101, the group is releasing local traffic, but the protesters control who passes. The main roads of the BR are completely blocked by vehicles, in both directions.

Protesters threaten media professionals who work at the site. “No one is authorized to speak to the press on behalf of the movement. They are lying about our demonstration, which is for freedom,” said Amarildo dos Santos, one of the leaders, on the microphone.

In the morning, PRF vehicles reinforced patrolling at the blockade point. There were about 15 vehicles.

The report followed the conversation between police officers and part of the coup group, who were instructed to comply with the court decision and peacefully leave the place.

Although the decision has been in effect since dawn, agents suggested an informal deadline, up to 1 pm, for protesters to clear the tracks. Amarildo dos Santos would have compromised with the agents to meet the new deadline. The police even informed that they would have to use force if the agreement was not fulfilled.

The PRF riot police were at the blockade point in the morning, but left the place at 1 pm. After the informal deadline of 1 pm, however, the group of coup plotters did not remove the trucks from the BR-101 lanes. The police did not intervene and, in the afternoon, left the place with only one vehicle.

When asked about the abandonment of the highway, the PRF superintendence in Santa Catarina did not respond.

The group has been in the same place since Sunday night (30), in front of a Havan store, a chain of Bolsonarista businessman Luciano Hang, which has been working as a support point for the protesters. A supermarket chain also supports the group by distributing supplies.

Blockade leadership was ally of Zé Trovão in 2021 protests

Amarildo dos Santos presents himself on social media as a private investigator, Army veteran and leader of the Green and Yellow Movement, in support of Bolsonaro. During the September 2021 demonstrations, he offered free passage to take protesters to Brasília. At the time, he worked with Zé Trovão, elected federal deputy for Santa Catarina.

To the protesters, Amarildo even read a false document, supposedly an arrest warrant against STF (Federal Supreme Court) minister Alexandre de Moraes. The protesters present were thrilled with the fake news.

Wanted by the report, he refused to give an interview.

The Green and Yellow Brazil Movement is formed by the union of more than one hundred associations and unions linked to agribusiness. The group was at the forefront of demonstrations in favor of the Bolsonaro government and is nationally led by soy producer Antonio Galvan.

Galvan was searched and apprehended by the PF for leading acts preaching the invasion of Congress and the deposition of STF ministers. He came in second in the Senate race for the PTB of Mato Grosso.

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